Mapalo explaining the colorful history of Faith Baptist's church building

I would like to give the interesting history of Faith Baptist Church’s building in Twatasha. This property was bought by my sending church, Faith Baptist Church Garnaton, after they felt convinced that Twatasha was a growing place and needed a church plant.

Before I was even born, a man from Democratic Republic of Congo came into Zambia and bought a large plot of land. He built a bar so beautiful that it became known throughout Zambia. The owner used to invite musicians from DRC to come to his bar and play live music called ‘Rumba.’ He must have been the only one in Zambia who was doing that, because his bar became so popular that people from all over the country traveled just to have this experience. On the same property, the owner built some rooms like a guest house for the musicians and those who wanted to spend a night at the bar. The facility also had a swimming pool, a green garden, and a restaurant. It was modern, clean, hosted live music, and women were flocking there in great numbers. As a result, business was booming.

Well, nothing on this earth lasts forever. The owner of the bar got very sick and died. He had married about five women and had children from each. When he died, the children started sharing the property and houses, but the bar was left abandoned. It sat for many years without anyone using it. Eventually, they started taking out every valuable thing that could be sold, like doors, windows, and the roofing. Nothing remained but the walls.

When my church felt the need of planting a church in Twatasha, they started by having Bible study under a tree. In their search for a more suitable place of meeting, they saw this abandoned place that had been a bar long ago. They enquired from the daughter who was the current owner of this place. Through their conversations, she got saved and right now she is one of our faithful members of Faith Baptist Church Twatasha.

We can still see the mindset that was planted in this community years ago of drinking and getting drunk. Would you believe that people start drinking beer at 8 o’clock in the morning? Teens find their pleasure in smoking, drinking, and fornication. Early marriages at a very young age, due to pregnancy, are common. Please pray, dear friends.