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Yesterday, HeartCry Missionary Theo was out in the community of Bellville South doing some street preaching and door to door evangelism. Theo saw a man that he had been friends with years ago in a gang (we’ll call him Saul for the purposes of this article). Saul left his life of gangsterism, and Theo was tasked to assassinate him. 

Theo held a pistol, and another assassin held a shotgun. The other man’s job was to blow Saul’s head off once Theo had initially shot Saul. The pair hid and waited.

Saul came out, and Theo emptied every single bullet into his body; about sixteen bullets in total. The other assassin held the shotgun to Saul’s head, but when he pulled the trigger, the gun jammed. The pair fled.

After putting distance between them and Saul, Theo asked the other man why he hadn’t pulled the trigger. The man said he had tried to, but that the weapon hadn’t worked. Theo took the gun, and promptly fired a shot into the air. 

As Saul lay in a pool of his own blood, he began to pray to God that his life would be saved. He fell unconscious, and woke up in a hospital bed a little while later. Saul couldn’t believe it.

After his brush with death, Saul started selling drugs for another gang, and became one of the biggest drug dealers in the community. He made a lot of money, but would eventually stop selling drugs; opting to invest in businesses instead.

Years later, on July 7th, 2022, Theo saw Saul as he was walking down the street. Theo spoke to him for the better part of an hour, and the ex-gangster then invited Theo to his house. Theo was able to expose him to the Gospel, and Saul began to cry; begging Theo to come to his house every Friday for Bible study.

Theo had once approached Saul with death, but now he would approach him as one trying to reveal eternal life.

Please pray for Saul. He is eager for the Word, and we beg the Lord that he would be saved from his life apart from God. Theo is working through the Gospel of John with Saul, and we pray that this man’s eyes would be opened to Christ Jesus.

Thank you. God bless you.

Lady 2
South Africa

Unwavering Faith

Unwavering Faith