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Last month our first son, Christopher de Miranda Ramos, was born. We asked the Lord and waited for more than 12 years, and just as Hannah asked the Lord in 1 Samuel 1:27 “For this boy I prayed, and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of Him,” so did the Lord with us. 

We glorify the Lord because He has prepared our hearts first, before entrusting a child to our care. During this long waiting period, he has allowed me to study in seminary, experience different countries like Peru, Brazil, and United States. We now find ourselves in Spain, to serve the Lord in this country, now with our son. The Lord continues to transform us into the image of His Son Jesus Christ now through raising Christopher.

In the church, we continue dredging through some difficult times. Some brothers are still afraid to congregate because of the virus. Others have stopped having fellowship altogether with each other and have closed themselves in their homes. Others do not allow us to visit them because of the fear of covid. Unfortunately, some brothers are out of work and some brothers have lost their relatives due to sickness. This constant barrage of trouble leaves many deeply discouraged and constantly worried about the future. Nevertheless, the Lord is always full of grace and mercy for His people. During all these challenges, He is raising up laborers within the church: men who are eager to study and learn more of Biblical truth and also earnest to proclaim the truths of the One who called us out of darkness into light.

My ministry in the church consists mainly in counseling. I dedicate myself two or three times a week to receive the brothers in our church for encouragement in the study of God’s word. I am also working with some couples in the church and discipling some brothers in the congregation. We are studying the marriage covenant with these young couples. The church has also given me some time off from preaching and teaching to devote to taking care of my family. This has been a time of great blessing for my family, because we have been able to taste the goodness of the Lord through the brothers who have blessed us with food and care for the first weeks after the birth of Christopher. Please pray for us as a family, for our counseling ministry in the church, and for the fear of deaeth from a virus to not have such a strong hold on the people of Madrid.

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Reaching Sweden

Reaching Sweden