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This Saturday we had two different services outdoors. One group met outside of the home of one of the brothers of the church named Juan, and the other group met outside of the home of a brother named Miguel. While I was preaching, a man that was passing by on his motorcycle stopped and began to listen. As he listened, he got off of his motorcycle and he took a seat. He was attentive for the entire sermon. 

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After the service, I went over to him, and he said, “Pastor, I have understood the gospel clearly this morning. I see the urgency of repenting. I have gone to church before, but for the first time I have understood the need to repent and I want to obey the Lord.” His name is Henry. The next morning Henry was present for our virtual Sunday school and I was able to introduce him to the brothers and sisters of the church and we prayed for him. 

Sunday afternoon, I received a call from a man named José saying, “Am I speaking with the pastor of Maranatha Church? I need to speak with you urgently. This morning I was talking with my friend Henry and he told me about the Word of God that he heard you preach yesterday. He gave me your number to call you. I was at the point of taking my own life.”

Sunday night, right before the evening service began, I talked to José and preached the gospel to him. He told me he wants to follow Christ and repent. That night, listening to the sermon together, were Henry, José, and several of their friends. Please pray for all of them, that our God would be greatly glorified in their lives and that He would save them. Pray that they would continue to bear witness to the power of the gospel.

I was very surprised by this first open-air meeting as a church in the midst of this pandemic. God has already given us the great blessing of preaching the gospel outdoors and we believe many people heard it.

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Patience Rewarded

Patience Rewarded