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Annual Pastors’ Conference

On the 29th of November, on the 5th anniversary of our church building, we conducted a one-day pastors’ conference along with an evangelistic meeting in the evening. There were around 50 pastors in attendance. The conference covered the Pastor’s life, family, and then the subject of “How to Prepare Sermons.” There was a total of three brothers who taught at the conference (including myself). The teaching was well received and we praise God for the response of the pastors who were in attendance.

In the evening, for the evangelistic meeting, there were more than 200 people. The gospel was proclaimed powerfully. People listened very attentively. There were quite a few unbelievers who attended the meeting on that night. Please pray that the Lord would bless the seeds that were sown.


On the 12th of this month of December, we were able to witness the baptism of (name protected). More than a year ago, with the help of our church member, we arranged a gospel meeting with all his friends. The church member used to work as a taxi driver for a gas cylinder company. So, most of his friends were auto drivers, and most of them were steeped in alcoholism. There were more than 10 people that were in attendance. As I explained the gospel to them, they listened very attentively.

This man was among those who attended the meeting on that day. He began to come to our church for a year after that meeting, but it took him a while to understand the gospel. He initially wanted to give up his bad habits in order to be a good husband and father. It took him a while to understand that Christ died for his sin and paid the price that he could never pay. While sharing his testimony, he thanked Christ for dying for him on the cross. He said, “Before I came to Christ, I tasted everything in this world- and now I have no desire to taste the bitterness of it anymore. I want to dedicate my life entirely to the Lord and live the rest of my life for him.”

A few months ago, he got a job in a government-maintained alcohol shop. By joining that, he would have a steady income and his family would lead a comfortable life. But because of his weakness with alcohol before he came to Christ, we counseled him not to take the offer of the job. It was a very difficult thing to tell him as well. Many of his worldly friends told him not to be foolish to throw away the job offer. But, at church, we counseled him not to take up the job. In the end, he surrendered to the Lord’s will to live a life that would honor Christ. We have all been encouraged by his faith in the Lord. Please pray for him. He is married and has three beautiful children. Pray that the Lord will use him for his glory.      

Prayer Request:

Please be in prayer for one of our church members who has not been attending the fellowship because of the fear of her husband. She is from a Muslim background. She became a Christ a couple of years ago. She isn’t coming to the fellowship and doesn’t want us to visit her either. Would you please pray for her that the Lord may open the door for her to come to the fellowship again? Thank you