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Danut Opris is a faithful brother in Christ. Content often to function in a complimentary role, he is always an asset to any ministry team. This month he shares how he is learning the grace of flexibility in the midst of the pandemic quarantine in Romania:

At the beginning of this month, we had three evangelistic events for the people in our town. One of them was for women in which my wife was involved in it. The other two were organized for men and for those who needed glasses. I was involved in these events. Before they received glasses, they heard the Gospel message. We also tried to establish new meetings with some of them. I talked to a man and showed him that repentance was imperative. I read to him the Bible verse that says: “… Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” (Matt. 4:17). The Lord gave me the thought to tell him that whoever repents, has Jesus; whoever doesn’t repent, doesn’t have Jesus. Although I believe he understood, I want to talk to him again. I would like to invite him to church as well when we can gather again.

All that came to receive a pair of glasses heard about the sin problem in their lives and the forgiveness they can have through the Lord Jesus. Some of them considered themselves to be good people. But I would ask them questions, trying to help them realize that they had sinned. I had good discussions with some and at a certain point they were able to see some sins in their lives and their bad condition. We gave them New Testaments and urged them to read them.

I passed out Christian literature and seed packs along with another brother from the church. We talked to many people on this occasion. Some considered themselves religious, while others have Orthodox priests among their relatives. But they don’t read the Bible and don’t know the truth. They say all kind of things which prove that they don’t know the Gospel. During our discussions, the Lord helped me correct them and give them the Gospel briefly. We intend to give a Bible to those people who said they would like to have one.

A good evangelistic method during these difficult times is to keep in touch with our acquaintances. Two people called us yesterday. One of them had two sons in Spain and was very frightened because there were serious problems with the coronavirus. My wife and I told them we would pray for them. But I also told her that she had to repent. She said she prayed every day and was not like other people. I told her she was a sinner and she needed to repent. Eventually, she agreed with us and said something like, “A true friend tells you the truth even if it hurts.”

As a church, we have started to help the church members and other old or sick people from our town. People over 65 are not allowed to go out, except between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. My wife and I helped several church members to get food and medical stuff.

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A New Chapter

A New Chapter