Cairo Skyline

Enjoy our first update from the team in Egypt:

“Dear Friends of HeartCry,

First of all, I want to tell you that we are so thankful to God and to you for what you do for us. We have felt this in many things – your care, counsel, and encouragement. Bro. Paul’s talks and prayers with us were so helpful and fruitful.

December was such an encouraging time for us, as we received good feedback from the people attending our meetings. They are very eager to hear biblical teaching and sound doctrine.  The Lord has been adding new people to our meeting.  We are excited by the regular attendance of a young man from Muslim background.  He confessed faith in Christ several months ago, and he is very eager, publicly in our meetings, and privately by phone, to ask for help in understanding biblical doctrines.  He even changed his day off from work so that he could attend our weekly meeting.  He is eager to be baptized, but we want to help him understand the faith a little better first.

We were forced to suspend our meetings for a few weeks due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Everyone was discouraged by this, and we really did not enjoy our ‘Zoom’ meeting experience.  The guidelines were updated and we were able to start meeting again.  Our first in-person meeting again was amazing – we were like hungry people who had not eaten for days and finally see food!

We are also grateful for the favor God has given us with the Baptist convention here in Egypt.  The pastor who is head of the convention is very encouraging to us.  Brothers, we are so thankful for your support, sacrificial giving, encouragement, and your prayers.  Please continue praying for us!

In Christ,