After hearing of the ministry in Myanmar by a friend of HeartCry Missionary Society, one of our Asian coordinators visited the ministry and viewed the work. Afterwards, HeartCry began supporting eight Burmese missionaries. We hope you enjoy reading the reports as they are received by our staff. The first report is below from Peter Mang.

Ministry Report

First of all I thank the Lord for allowing me to be in his ministry especially in a matter of evangelism. And I sincerely want to say thank you for your prayer and support, which is a great blessing for a missionary like us. May the Lord continue to use you for the extension of his kingdom.

God’s leading hand may not always be in the same way but surely we know that he is always there guiding us and leading us. Within these two months of time the Lord has been blessing and teaching me. Over the last two months I was able to share the gospel to 20 sets of families as I went from door to door and house to house. We discussed together about the plan of salvation. Since they are from a Buddhist backgrounds it’s not really easy to convince them at once, but slowly I visited them again and again and I witness to them. I am praying that the Lord will allow me to see a new Christian family as I faithfully witness them.

Not only that, several times I had a time for personal evangelism (one on one soul winning). I distributed already 1002 gospel tracts; while I gave these tracts I explained them about the tracts for at least five minutes. People in these places are strong Buddhists, but every time I share with them about Jesus Christ they seem to be interested and gave me their attention. I can see their hungry souls. May the Lord continue to save these unsaved souls.

I am also involved in Sunday school ministry. I am teaching 15 kids on the road every Sunday morning. And by the grace of God the parents have allowed us to teach in their small bamboo houses. The kids are really excited and eager to listen the word of God. What a blessing to see that!! The Lord also allowed us to preach in several areas, in small churches around us and also to the blind people. I considered this as a great ministry as well. I have preached at least 5 times already.

Prayer Requests

  1. I covet your prayer that the people that I am ministering in Yoyolay Town would be saved.
  2. Please pray for my walking with God would be always consistent. In his Vine yard,

Your Missionary, Peter Mang


Report From China

Report From China