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I am currently traveling from Poland, leaving early tomorrow morning to go on to the next destination. I have spent the last 6 days with pastor Adam W. visiting his family, church, and ministry in Krakow. Reflecting currently on the time we had together, it seems as though the Lord hear our prayers and abundantly blessed our time together. We have spoken frequently for the last two years, but we grew closer in 2 days than any amount of distanced interaction could provide! I had the privilege of preaching to his church on Sunday morning on the topic of Christian generosity. The church he pastors is small but faithful. I spoke with many members (through translation) about works of churches I know of around the world, challenges I see in missions, and difficulties evangelicals face in Poland.

The reality is that Poland is filled with many Roman Catholics. In fact, more than 95% identify with this institution. Among evangelicals, baptists are few. Even though numbers are not in their favor, it does not lead to excessive discouragement. While I visited the church Sunday, a number of unbelievers seemed to listen eagerly to the message being proclaimed. There were two visitors who had never been before. Please pray for the “Christian Church in Krakow” as they continue to build relationships with family members and neighbors who are lost. Pray for Adam and his family as he and his wife Elisia set an example in faith, love, and purity, even for those who are much older than them. Pray for laborers to be raised up — Polish men and women who would desire to be like Christ and lead the charge to see the true gospel preached all across this barren land.

I am traveling with two friends – Chris and Jared – who took many photos and hours of video in order to share what God is doing in Krakow. Look for a HeartCry film to be released later this year.

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