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Loving, Caring, and Evangelism
We have been able to provide 30 families and 7 pastors with food parcels on a weekly basis. These were made possible by Sola 5 churches and church members from both Baptist and Presbyterian congregations. Thank you so much for your tangible love and care.

Food Parcels
Preparing food parcels for delivery

We appreciate the opportunity such generosity affords us. Our priority is the household of God, but even though 90% of the food parcels go to suffering believers, we are not lacking in evangelistic opportunities. The believers’ homes we enter to drop off food parcels are filled with unbelieving family members who not only hear the Gospel when we get there, but they also see it in action. Every Friday, Quinton and I get home well after 8pm from our delivery route, because we have to take time to pray for the sick, and share the gospel with unbelieving families, or just encourage struggling saints. This is a joy that we wish you could experience with us.

We continue to have open air preaching. Quinton has been preaching at least three times a week from the gate of his yard over large loud speakers. What is so encouraging is that we have seen more people come out with their chairs to listen to God’s word being preached. Last week, as we were packing up the equipment, someone who lived on the far end of the street came to ask whether we could turn the volume up next time so he can also listen to the sermon. Now that’s encouraging!

Night Preaching
Quinton street-preaching from his yard

Testimony of Reconciliation
Sometimes we think that our sins of the past (before Christ saved us) have done irreparable damage that can never be reversed. Allow me to share with you a short testimony of God’s redemptive reversal in the life of one of our members. There are many such stories in our church.

I have mentioned Ricky in many of my reports, but allow me just another testimony from his life. Ricky was a notorious gangster who brought much harm to our community. He had a child with a woman who got a restraining order against him and who had to move out of town because of his violent nature. He was not allowed to see his child and was deemed a threat to them. Now 25 years have passed and he has never seen his son.

The Lord has saved him and completely changed his life. Although he felt that he would probably never see his son again, he asked the church to pray with him for the Lord to restore his relationship with his son whom he has not seen for more than 20 years. Not long ago, God stirred up a longing in Ricky’s son’s heart to search for his dad and to build a relationship with him.

The only thing his son knew about him was that he was a bad man and in prison. His son finally got the phone number of Ricky’s daughter from another woman and was able to get hold of his father. I don’t know if you can even begin to imagine the joy of a father whose deep longing was that God would allow him to see his son again. He did not imagine that God would have his son long for him and be excited about him. That is God’s redemptive reversal and it is marvelous!

Please pray for Ricky’s youngest son, who will be released from prison soon. He told Ricky that he wants his life to be changed just like his father’s life was changed.

Miguel Carhuapoma In Chipillico

How do I Repent?

How do I Repent?