Shalom School of Ministries Report

On Nov. 14-19 Shalom Mission Cambodia conducted a retreat for 19 couple and 18 children in one of the beautiful beaches in Cambodia. After we finished the training we all renewed our commitment to one another of our love and care to one another. Thank God for all he has provided that we were able to finish joyfully together.

We would like to say thank God and thank you so much for all your prayers and support which as we were able to finished this conference/retreat well. At the end of the conference we both (husbands and wives) committed to love, care, value and respect our spouses more. The husbands were committed to Lead, Love and Learn more from their wives. And for the wives were also committed to be Suitable helper,s Submissive and Seek to honore their husbands better than before. May God help each one of us to be a blessings to one another.

Building a Foundation for Faith Program

This is the extension program of Shalom School of Ministries called Building a Foundation for Faith. It is a biblical training program reach out to the rural pastors who are not able to access much training outside of their areas. This training has been conducted on Nov. 3-4. 14 pastors and church leaders were present with the topics Biblical Callings and Bible Overview. Because most of them are of low education we do a lot of group works and sharing so that they can learn easier and are able to share their experience to one another. We praise God for this opportunity. Thank you so much for your partnership.

Sincerely Ch. S. (Cambodia)