Excitement has been building over the last year and a half in anticipation for this project. The HeartCry office has been praying for it and the men on the field have been eager for it to begin. Last month all of the prayers and planning finally came into fruition, as a new training program was officially launched in cooperation with RBS (Reformed Baptist Seminary). Over the next four years, RBS will be sending pastors and professors to Nepal three times a year to take part in one-week training modules. These modules will cover all the major doctrines of the Scriptures and will last around 5 days each. Those who participate in this training are required to read the resources given, answer questions, and turn in assignments and research papers 

I cannot express with words how important this is for the men in Nepal. For many of the men on the field, there is simply no opportunity to leave their work, and to go to a seminary for additional training. In fact, one of the missionaries said,

“To be honest, sometimes I used to feel sad because I was not able to go to any formal Bible training (because of my past education). I am so happy and joyful to God for giving me such a privilege. I give thanks to God, to HeartCry, and also RBS for making the sacrifice to send men over to train us.”

Sixteen men (both established pastors and ministry interns) have committed themselves to finishing this four-year course. These classes are also being recorded so future generations can take advantage of them. In this first module, the students examined the Doctrine of the Word of God. This course studied topics like: General and Special Revelation, inerrancy, infallibility, clarity, textual variants, the Canon, the KJV controversy, along with many other topics. The question and answer sessions were packed full of information, and the men spent themselves well into the night discussing these truths and working through various questions.

This truly is an exciting time for the missionaries in Nepal and an answer to many prayers. Thank you for making this possible! Would you please pray for that the next four years of training would establish these men upon the unbreakable promises of the Word of God and that through these courses the kingdom of God would be advanced in Nepal.