Pastor Sundar R. has been doing evangelistic outreaches in rural parts of South India for the past 2 weeks. The Lord has blessed Sundar and his team in the amount of ground they have been able to cover in such a short time, and Sundar is seeing how dire the need is for these villages to be penetrated with the Gospel. Here are some details Sundar shared with me about the outreaches:

I am away for gospel outreach in some rural villages 200 miles away, some are 360 miles away (from his home city). We have been using an evangelistic film and have conducted open air preaching. There are villages with a population of around 3000, but we have only found 4 to 6 Christians there. We have also not found a single resident pastor or evangelist in those villages.  There are hundreds of villages like this. If they want to go to church, they have to travel 20 kilometers. We went around (10 people as a team) with a vehicle, PA system, and projector. We have covered around 20 villages in 2 weeks time. Please pray for the villages that we visited and preached the Gospel in. It was so painful to see such dry lands. The Gospel of Jesus has to be penetrated, and we need to pay the price and invest so much to reach them with the Gospel.