We are truly grateful for all the ministry that we can be a part of. God is still in the business of saving souls and we can be a part of his work is a great blessing. But most of all we are very thankful to those who pray for us and are holding the rope for us. May God continue to his manifold blessings in your life so that you would be a blessing to the whole world for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Under the leadership of Lal M., the P. village (Names of people and locations are abbreviated for security) house church is moving onward and upward. The house church grew from fourteen members to twenty-one members. In fact, they were able to reach the whole village with the gospel of Jesus Christ several times. They have been a great blessing to the whole village. Now they are having a salvation crusade for three days. Praise the Lord for the success. Please pray for more people to come to know the Lord.

The BMBC church is continue on as Iss. is leading the church. Every Sunday a few people from Buddhist and nominal backgrounds come to the worship location. Praise God they could hear the gospel. Iss. and other young soldiers, who are still under training, visited the town for distributing gospel tracts and sharing the gospel. Praise the Lord for this ministry.

Brother Iss. and his group also continue to work with two lovely blind people every Sunday. Last Sunday, a blind man brought a lot of young people to the worship house. And they were able to share the true gospel and true Christian life with them. Thank God for that.

Thang P. is a committed soul winner and gospel preacher. He preached the word of God at a very hot place in a local village. People there are Asho Chin and very nominal in their faith. He was teaching a salvation campaign for three days. More than thirty people came to listen to the word of God and they were very receptive. Although they said they believed, they still need to be taught to make sure that they really understand the gospel and the Word of God. We praise God for this opportunity.

Thanks again for your prayers,