Alex Preaching 2

Recently when we had finished our church gathering in the village of Zizin, I had an opportunity to share the gospel with a young man named Alex. His parents had attended our church service with their five boys and two girls, but Alex was not with them. But afterward, when we stopped outside the gate of their home, God did a great work of grace. This is what Alex told me afterward:

“I felt a strong hand push me out of the house without knowing why,” Alex said. “I didn’t know that you had come to our house. I was on the phone at the time and I usually never leave my phone like I did.”

When he came out to us, I shared the gospel with him. Alex had never before wondered what God thought of him. He did not know he was under God’s wrath and on the road to perdition; he had gone to church as a child but never understood his spiritual state.

He said that when I told him the gospel he understood for the first time that he was on the path to hell. As I preached the Word to him, his heart was more and more touched until tears came to his eyes. He said that he felt the burden of his sin and he wanted to call on the Lord to save him. As I prayed for him at the end, he confessed that he felt a release in his soul and was at peace. Moreover he started confessing past sins to his parents and to me. It was a great grace. I gave him a New Testament and he said he was would come to church.