Stock Myanmar

Even in a country like Myanmar, which is a Buddhist country, the
celebration of Christmas has been done for many years now. Both the believers and the unbelievers enjoy the time of this year because of the cold weather experience. At the same time, it is amazing to realize that the hearts of people are very opened to the Gospel. We consider this is as an excellent opportunity to spread the good news of the Gospel to people across the whole Myanmar.

The very reason why we started our bible college back in 1996 was to
reach the whole of Myanmar through the students that we trained. This year again our goal was to send many students to different mission fields where our missionary are striving. The cost to send our students to mission fields beyond what we can afford, but as we continued to pray unceasingly, the Lord provided us through his willing people. We are very thankful to God and grateful for his amazing people.

Ministry detail

With much prayer, we have divided our staff and students into 32 different groups as we are planning to reach in 32 various mission fields. There were 73 willing people in the groups. We taught and trained our students on how to preach the Gospel and how to live well among the unbelievers before they go. It was eight days of the mission trip.
For eight days our students were doing

  1. Personal Evangelism
  2. Gospel tracts distribution and sharing
  3. Bible study
  4. Public preaching
  5. Singing and preaching in the street
  6. Children ministry

During these eight days of the mission trip, we were able to preach the Gospel to:

  • 1279 adults
  • 964 children
  • 6014 tracts on Gospel were shared

We praised God for that nineteen persons received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savoir. Our missionaries in the fields were very encouraged, and many of our students decided to serve the Lord in the mission field.

God Bless,

Myanmar Partner