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Thanks to the Lord for keeping us strong in this last month. He is an amazing God that He saved us and keeps us in faith. This month I have been doing well spiritually while growing in Him by faith. During June I have been learning about His generosity and grace by also remembering each day the grace God showed to myself and to those in my city. He, and he alone, can cause individuals to be born again. Knowing and reflecting on the love and grace of God has lifted me up spiritually and made me noticeably more joyful and thankful. 

During this month I had the chance to share the gospel with many new people and continue the conversation with some people that I had the chance to witness to before. I had the chance to continue the conversation with two people about Jesus and what the bible teaches us. It is a blessing that when I share one time with someone they are still interested to know more about Jesus. Pray for these two individuals that God will save them.

My parents are working on renovating their house, and through this process, I have gone to visit them and speak to five of the construction workers. I was able to have lengthy conversations with the group as a whole, inviting them to church. Despite my earnest explanation, one man insisted that we worship the same God regardless of which religion we claim.

Pray for these construction workers and for the couple that I mentioned above. Pray that God will save them.  During the last few months, I had the chance to become friends with one of my neighbors. I became friends with him through one of the members of our church. I have had the chance to invite him to church and about the good news of Christ. So far we have had a good and growing relationship. Pray that I will be able to speak more at length with him regarding the truth of the gospel. Pray with me for this man, asking the Lord to work on his hard heart, to cause him to repent and believe.

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The Pen and Pulpit

The Pen and Pulpit