Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. We have enjoyed many opportunities to share the Gospel on Tonle Sap Lake. In addition to the opportunities we have in our village, the Lord has blessed us to be able to continue going to the villages of Peam Bang and Don Sdaurng this month to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people that we talk to about Christ.

In Peam Bang, there are now about ten people that gather every evening at the house of a new believer, Mrs. Yet. My wife and two other women from our church came with me, and we were able to bring a Cambodian (Khmer) hymnal book for her and teach her how to assist in praising God and studying the Word in a small group that gathers there each evening to sing, to glorify God, and to worship and to pray together. (Mrs. Yet and family in Paem Bang in the picture.)

My cousin Kret lives in this area. I shared the Gospel with him last year, and he has put his faith in Jesus Christ. He often goes with me when we share the Gospel in these villages. (But this is still hours away from my village). Now, Mrs. Yet and the small group that meets at her house can go to worship on Sundays together with Kret and the believers near his home. There are now 20 – 30 people attending every Sunday in Kret’s house to study God’s Word and worship the Lord. While we were sharing the Gospel and teaching in Paem Bang, one man named Ti listened and then prayed to confess Jesus as Lord and asked Jesus to save him. Praise God for all the work that He does! (The picture on the right is Ti, who heard the Gospel and prayed to give his life to Christ.)

As I mentioned last month, now that I receive monthly support from HeartCry, I can put gasoline into my boat and go to these other floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake, which is not an easy trip. It takes me over two hours, one way, in my small boat. Our small, narrow fishing boats require more gasoline than a car does to travel long distances. Going to these villages in the province of Kampong Thom, from my village in the province of Siem Reap takes about 50 liters of gasoline, round trip. Since gas is about $1 per liter here, this is $50 of gasoline each trip. We thank God for His provision through HeartCry!

When a vendor comes selling fresh shrimp or mussels (pictured on the left), we can give them a Gospel tract and invite them to learn about Jesus. 

I continue to ask that you pray for the Lord to raise up a faithful man in my village who can read and write, who is mature in faith and will stand on God’s Word so that he will go out with me to preach the Gospel and talk to people. I am happy to do it, but another brother going out with me would be a blessing to me.

I ask for your prayers that God will help me to be free from any temptation and that God will show me my sin so that I can repent immediately. For none is righteous except One, The God of heaven and earth.

May the Lord Jesus be with you all.

 Pastor Kien