This month a woman, who learned about our church on the radio, began to attend our meetings. This has encouraged us for several reasons. On the one hand, she is the first person who has visited the church as a direct result of the radio program that we began a few months ago. So, we are encouraged to continue with the radio program. For the time being, we are just playing sermons, but we are making plans to soon begin a radio Bible study, which follows a format similar to what the brothers from Iglesia Biblica del Señor Jesucristo do in the Dominican Republic.

On the other hand, a little “detail” about this woman surprised us: she is 80 years old! It seems that she came to know the Lord several years ago in a Pentecostal church in our city, which in recent years has embraced the practices of the G12 group. Seeking to know more of the Lord, she began to search for another church in Rosario and she ended up at a well known Baptist church in the city. She was a part of this church for several years. Unfortunately, this church began to lean more and more toward liberalism, and so, this elderly lady began to search for other ways to find the spiritual nourishment she longed for. In the midst of her search, she came across the book Radical by David Platt, and the Lord used this book to show her she was in error. It showed her that a Christian should be something more (much more) than what she had encountered in Charismatic contexts. As she searched for more resources similar to David Platt’s book, someone recommended that she listen to John MacArthur. It just so happened that, at that time, we were playing John MacArthur sermons on the radio. So, she began to listen every day for several months.

Finally, this lady decided to visit our church and, from the day she came until now, she has shown more and more hunger to know the Lord. During the same week she visited us for the first time, she also joined a Bible study we have on Thursdays, and ever since then, she has not departed from us. She shared with us that she meets with other ladies her age every day in order to drink tea. Together they are listening to our radio program. She very humbly expressed to us that she desires to be personally discipled in order to be able to grow more as a Christian. She also asked us to recommend to her some good books and to give her some recordings of our sermons for herself and so she can play them for her friends. I cannot tell you how encouraged we have been to see this 80 year old with so much enthusiasm to know our Lord more! At the age when many believe they know everything and are not really up for any new adventures, this elderly woman is anxious and happy to pursue the adventure of knowing Jesus more. Praise the Lord!