HeartCry missionary, David Vale, has succeeded his father admirably after he passed away a couple of years ago. As a single young man, David serves as a pastor and faithfully does the work of an evangelist. Often, he preaches the gospel in the open air in some villages where street gangs are adverse to his ministry. This month, he provides a perspective of what his ministries consist of:

This month I visited believers and made evangelistic contacts in Fundeni and Pantelimon. I engaged in street evangelism in Fundeni, preaching the gospel to the people I met. Some of them asked me to pray for them after I shared with me about their needs and problems.

I did street evangelism and shared the gospel with many people. During my ministry I met a woman and invited her to church. Her name is Vasilica and she keeps attending the church. I noticed that she has a desire to follow the Lord.

Please pray for the village of Fundeni, which is very dangerous. One day, while I was on the street I could see a car stopping in front of a house. A man got out and started beating the people that were in front of it. Please pray that the Lord would protect and strengthen me.

I was also able to make pastoral visits, visiting all the believers in our church. I encouraged each one and prayed with them.

Please pray for two women that the Lord would work in their hearts. They come to church, listen to the sermon and testify about God working in their lives, but they are not regenerated.

The Lord has strengthened “Emmanuel” Church in the village of Pantelimon. We have church services every week in which the Lord keeps working. People come to church to seek the Lord. Three new families have attended the church lately and we are praying that the Lord would regenerate them.

I started doing the catechism course with three people that desire to be baptized. They attend the church, but still struggle with addictions.

An 18-year-old young lady wants to do the catechism course as she is very serious in her relationship with the Lord. She’s attending a high school in Bucharest and has attended the church for two months. She told me that she told all her classmates that she loved the Lord and desired to repent. This was very encouraging for the church in Pantelimon. Please pray that the Lord would strengthen her to testify about Him.

I did street evangelism in Pantelimon where I talked to many people, passing out New Testaments and gospel tracts. A young couple came to church and listened to the preaching of the gospel.