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I want to share news related to the latest events regarding the past Christmas holidays. As well as joint participation with Anatoly in a conference in a nearby city. I’ll start with the conference where Anatoly and I were the main speakers. The conference was held in the local church and was devoted to relationships within the family and within the church. It was a blessed time for fellowship and an opportunity to minister to believers in other churches. Although there were not a large number of people, there were representatives of 3-4 churches.

In addition to this, the Christmas holidays are already a great ministry for our small church. This season presents a great opportunity to spread the Gospel among children and their parents. We have been traditionally holding a children’s ministry for many years now. The theme concerns the events of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. This year there were 32 children not from our church with their parents. Of this number, there were many from believing families, as well as about 10 from non-believing families. There was a good opportunity for both parents and children to talk about God and the meaning of the Christmas holiday, as well as distribute “sweet” gifts. Please pray for unbelieving children and their parents! I really hope that what we sow now will eventually sprout.

In December there was an opportunity to visit the city of Brest, where there was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the evangelical movement in this region. In one of the churches where the events took place, I was one of the chosen preachers. Inn the evening, we were invited to participate in the ministry in another Brest church, where we also had the opportunity to preach. Such trips are certainly inspiring. But I must note that if there were no reliable brothers in my church in my home city, then I could not make such trips. I simply could not leave the church and go somewhere! Therefore, I ask you to pray for my helpers in the church as we work together during such events.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Yura, Angela and our children.