Here is the latest encouraging report from Sam Oluoch, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu, Kenya:

“Dear praying saints,
A lot has happened since I last updated you from our end. We are fine and the Lord has continued to be on our side as we see His grace and mercies every day.

The Lord has brought to the church two people who have given impetus to the youth work in the church: Linda and Amos (both single). I have weekly meetings with Amos to develop him as a good worker, rightly dividing the word of truth. He was Pastor Naphtally’s contact from Moi University in Eldoret and has come to work in Kisumu. Right, Amos in one of the Bible study meetings with me .

New Leadership

Sam Omondi (left) was voted last year in November to join Deacon Osborn to serve in the diaconate. We now have two deacons working together. Ken Owiti was also voted in November to serve with us as an elder (seen at right below with his wife Liz). Pray that his joining us, with Sam, will give impetus to the labors and success to the work here. Both are seen here during a recent two days leaders’ retreat to plan and pray for the work. You can be sure that we also prayed for all our partners in the gospel even as we remembered our own work here. You were one of those brought before the throne during this refreshing moment.

Theological Training

From 22-26th February, we held our first block class for 2016. Pastor Naphtally and I taught ‘Greek One’ and ‘Pastoral Counseling and visitation’ respectively. We plan to graduate three students by April (Ken, Paul, and Sam Odeny), and hope to add four new students. We thank God for a recent donation to boost the college library.

University Ministry

University labors still go on, but we feel that of all three universities we visit, the Lord seems to be blessing Maseno work more. One of the students, Mr. Magomere, has taken upon himself to travel all the way (30Km) every Sunday to be in the service (normally the larger group comes but once a month). The church pays for his fare. Each time he comes, I have a session with him during the break between morning service and evening. This is to teach him the basics of our faith and also prepare him for baptism and church membership. Magomere was recently chosen to be the editor of the college magazine, a job he seems to take with enthusiasm as well.

Youth Ministry

Lastly, pray for our young people. The youth are on the move and truly desire to grow. They have formed a book reading club and meet every week to discuss the books. They have just finished ‘By God’s Grace Alone,’ a paperback by Abraham Booth, and now they are on ‘Life by His Death’ by John Owen. On 13th February they took a hike together with their non-believing friends to evangelize them. Pray for such efforts to win souls to Christ.

May the Lord bless and keep you brethren, and please keep praying.
Sam Oluoch”

Western Europe

Pray for Belgium

Pray for Belgium