Urbano Gomez With The Church In Mangai

I traveled early in the month to visit a town called Mangai de Tacalacas about two and a half hours from the district of Pacaipampa. I was there visiting a new work. The brothers and sisters there have almost finished the new church building and are about to put the roof on it. There are not many believers in that town, but the brothers and sisters in the church continue faithfully and we are encouraging them and visiting their homes and families. They are listening to the Word of God.

I left here at 5:00 am and got there at 7:30 am. I took advantage of the time to visit some people who were near there in order to encourage them to attend the church so that we could look at the Word together. I’m thankful that the Lord brought some people together and we studied God’s word. We invited all of them, as always, to continue coming and listening to the word of God. They listened very well and they were content to have received the teaching. 

The brothers and sisters in Mangai de Tacalacas are advancing little by little. They are often asking for help, for brothers to go there to help teach the Bible. The people in that town are very religious. There are priests and a lot of Catholics and they try to make sure they can maintain the traditions and customs. But brothers and sisters, we are praying to the Lord together with the group there. We are visiting and preaching the gospel and we know that the Lord is going to save people for His glory! So, we are persisting. 

I also traveled to the town of Pasajeras in order to encourage the brothers and sisters there. It is three hours from here by foot. You have to cross the mountain walking because there are no roads to the town. It was difficult because my leg has not fully healed from my motorcycle accident, but the Lord is helping me. I arrived at 9:40 am and the brothers and sisters were already beginning to gather. I went to some of the surrounding houses of people who do not know the Lord in order to invite them to come to the church. I encouraged the brothers and sisters to continue meeting together and to continue preaching the gospel to people who do not know the Lord.

Later in the month, I was in a meeting with pastors in the town of San Luis. All the pastors of the association of churches in Paciapampa meet at the end of every month in order to present reports on each church and know the condition of the sheep in each location. Every pastor gave a report, and we encouraged one another as it says in the Word. We agreed to visit certain works, especially where it is most difficult to travel because of the rains during this season and we need to visit them. 

More than anything, the reason we meet each month is to pray together for the work of the Lord. We pray for all the flock of God both in our own nation and around the world. We pray that the Word of God would advance in these last days, these difficult days. After praising the Lord together in song, we pray together with all the pastors kneeling together, asking the Lord to open doors to those towns where people still refuse to listen to the Word of God. We also pray for the needs here in our own region, where there are new works and young churches where we need to keep working and helping with doctrine and discipling brothers to lead these works. Some of the new groups of believers need a lot of care. 

Please pray for this association of churches. We are exhorting the pastors to have more caution and to work with even greater responsibility. A new denomination in the district of Chalaco, a neighboring district, is causing a lot of problems and they are entering our churches trying to cause division with their false teaching. So, we encourage the pastors to be more alert and attentive, to be vigilant to guard the work of the Lord. Pray that the Lord gives us more wisdom, humility, and fear of Him and that we would be more responsible to pastor and care for the church, as His Word says.