Naphtally Ogallo is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in the prominent university city of Eldoret in western Kenya.  Church-planting pastors often endure long seasons of plowing, planting, and watering, all the while eagerly watching for signs of growth.  Naphtally and his co-pastor, Paul Keno, are certainly enjoying a season of growth in Eldoret.  Their latest reports were overflowing with joyful news:

Baptisms and new Church Members 


“In the past our outreach efforts in the universities and colleges around Eldoret have not been very fruitful. As such, the situation had been disheartening and we wondered if things would ever change. The Lord has, however, definitely changed the situation for His glory and for the good of His church.

A number of students learned about our church and began attending sometime in 2018. They have demonstrated remarkable faithfulness and growth in the Word. This developed into a desire for membership, which finally led to five being baptized after convincing testimonies. One young lady was previously ‘baptized’ as Seventh Day Adventist, thinking that was salvation. After her true conversion, she desired to be Scripturally baptized. Another young lady had been sprinkled as a Roman Catholic, and she too desired true baptism post-conversion. One of the young men had been previously ‘baptized’ but only because his fellow students were doing it. Now he truly understands the new birth that has happened to him and the need to publicly profess his allegiance to Christ.

A total of six joined our church membership in March. There were another two, a mother and her daughter, who joined in February. We thank the Lord for these additions.”

More Deacons 

“Since 2014 we have had only one deacon, Timothy (on the right). But the church recently set apart two others, Remmy (on the far left) and Clinton (at the center) into this very needful office. They are faithful men, of good repute, and full of the Holy Spirit. They are slowly learning the ropes and I look forward to them relieving the elders to the end that ‘we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”