2020 Egypt Conference

In partnership with TSF and El Soora, two local Egyptian ministries producing excellent theological resources in Arabic, HeartCry helped sponsor the 2020 conference in Alexandria, Egypt. This year’s theme was ‘The Blessed Assurance’ and focused on the crucial subject of biblical assurance of salvation. The featured speaker this year was Dr. Joel Beeke, pastor, president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, director of Reformation Heritage Books, and respected authority on the Puritans.

Beeke Above

200 people from Egyptian churches gathered for 3 days to hear messages from Dr. Beeke and 2 local Egyptian preachers on topics such as the ground of our assurance, strengthening our assurance, and restoring lost assurance. Several breakout sessions were also offered, with Dr. Beeke’s on family worship being the most popular.

While these larger conferences to the broader church are very beneficial and encouraging, please be in prayer for HeartCry and TSF as we transition to smaller events that intentionally train pastors in sound doctrine and biblical church practice.

Beeke Below