Greetings and thank you for your prayers on our behalf! We both need and feel them as we continue to worship our God, grow spiritually, and spread the Gospel.

We have our prayer meeting every Friday where we continue studying 1 Kings. In our Sunday services I continue preaching about God’s qualities and attributes, and I just finished preaching on 1 Peter. I continue to teach our evangelism classes where we study the Gospel deeper and learn how to clearly communicate it to the unbelievers around us. It is important to know how to ask questions, be a good listener, and to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. We also had a meeting with brothers from other churches in our region, where we discussed how we can improve our evangelism. We plan to help each other and have mutual evangelistic services in different areas. Please pray for our evangelism to be effective.

We continue classes for the new members. There are currently four people signed up, and we will see how they do in “the foundations of the faith” class. There are more new people, but we think they still need to grow in their understanding of the gospel before pursuing membership. Please pray for all of these people.

I continue visiting our sick believers as we have many older people in our church. When I visit them in their homes, hospitals, nursing homes – I have opportunities to talk to their relatives and with many unbelievers in general. It is a great opportunity for evangelism.

Prayer requests:

  • For effective service and my preaching
  • For the evangelism class
  • For spreading of the gospel
  • For the new members and their study