The providence of our God is so great and His timing is so precise. This month, we have had the privilege of seeing the Lord manifest His wise providence in many ways. For example, one Thursday evening we visited with a family from the church. While we were returning, we walked through a park on the way to the bus stop. In the park we started talking to a married couple and they mentioned to us that they were also Christians.

At one point in the conversation, the lady began to cry and in that moment she opened her heart and asked us if they could talk to us about their problem. She and her husband invited us to their home that evening and they began to tell us about the marital problems they had been trying to deal with for years. They had sought help in the church they were attending but things had not improved.

The Lord, in His grace, helped us to give them guidance as we talked through the issues with them. We visited with them several more times and we came to find out that prior to meeting us, they had decided that they would separate and then divorce. The husband said that he could no longer work through their issues and had made up his mind to leave the marriage.

But in our conversations we directed them to Christ through the gospel, and by the Lord’s grace, He worked in their lives and led them both to decide to remain faithful to the marriage in the Lord’s strength. We are so thankful that God led us to speak to this couple, not only about their marriage, but about the hope of the gospel.