As a family, we feel very united in our work here, and the Lord in His grace allows us to visit the families in our community together. As we see the spiritual and material needs of the people that we visit, we feel the need as a family to continue praying for their salvation and occasionally to help with their material needs when we can. My wife goes along with the children in the community to their homes and speaks with their mothers, and together they arrange a day when we can go together to their homes and share the gospel with the whole family.

The ministry with children is growing more than we had expected, and now on Saturdays there are around 70 children that come. On Sundays the number of children is a lot less, not because they don’t want to come on Sundays, but because many of their parents are unconverted. We continue praying that the Lord would save these children and their parents. We are also teaching a group of children on Sunday evenings in a part of Huaycan that is extremely poor. There are around 16 children that come. It is much harder to reach the people there, not only because of their hardness of heart, but also because geographically it is very rugged with many hills and loose rocks. The distance also makes it challenging, since it is on the very outskirts of Huaycan. But we do it with all our hearts and it is worth the effort in order for the people to know the gospel.

With regard to the youth, I am discipling four young men during the week and I am also teaching a few younger kids. I ask you to pray for these youth because they come from very difficult contexts, but I also see a lot of the Lord’s grace in them. In the younger kids I am still praying for them, to see a little more consistency in the things of the Lord.

With the adults the work is discouraging at times because of the inconsistency of some who attend. In our meetings during the week there are very few believers that attend the services. We are praying that the Lord pours out His grace that we might be patient and diligent with them. Also, it’s frustrating because in the area behind the church people from the community throw their trash and everyday we are talking with the people so that they can understand that this produces a ton of flies, which enter into our building. It’s bad for the children. It’s hard because the people are so accustomed to throwing their garbage there, so as a church we are cleaning up that place. Now the people know that there is a church there, whereas before the building was not used for anything.

Brothers and sisters, please pray for this church and for all that we seek to do for the glory and honor of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.