We rejoice in the grace of God that we are seeing in the life of a couple that attends our church. The husband used to be a very irresponsible man, who would leave the house without any concern for his family. After coming to know the Lord here in the church about three months ago, his life has changed drastically. He is now a father that shows love to his children, and a husband that loves his wife in a way that he had never done before. He now has times of daily devotions with his family in the mornings.

The change has caused amazement in the people that know him and the Lord has used it to open up a door for evangelism to many of the homes surrounding him. Some of his neighbors have begun coming to our church simply out of curiosity regarding the change they’ve seen in him. I am very thankful to the Lord for all of this, and I am seeing how this couple is rapidly growing in the grace of the Lord. Please pray for the continued growth and witness of this family.