It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In His grace we all are fine and hope that you all are fine in Him.

In God’s grace the weekly services and cottage meetings are going well. I am teaching from the book “50 Reasons of Christ Coming” by John Piper in the cottage meetings. I am teaching that Christ came to give us eternal life. Those who believe in Him will have eternal life and those who don’t believe in Him will have eternal death. I told them the meaning of eternal life is that even after our physical death we will be with Christ for forever in His kingdom. Therefore I am encouraging the believers, both new and old, to believe in Christ and obey His words rather than trusting in worldly things. It is my thanks to God for His guidance to me to tell His words and also helping me to grow with assurance in Christ because of His woks

I am constantly visiting to Rodney P. and telling about Christ. He is orthodox Hindu believer. Because of this he doesn’t eat any kind of meat. He questioned me that why Christian eat all kinds of meat. I told that first we have to know that we don’t gain salvation by not eating meat. We get salvation through Jesus Christy by our faith. Secondly, I told that God made those things good. Third, there is not force to the people to eat meats to those who want to believe in Christ. People have freedom. Rodney P. responded positive. Let God bring him according to His will.

I visited Sister Sarmela’s father and mother. They are new believers. Her father was sick so I visited them. I prayed for them and shared the gospel to them. They are taking interest. They are coming to church but are not baptized. We are telling them God’s words and nurturing them in His words. Now he is feeling better. Let God help them to grow and come to Christ. I had also counseled to Sarmela’s father in-law. He went to consult with witch doctor for his health-he was a witch doctor before he believed Christ. When I knew about this I talked to him and told him not to do this against God. I showed from God’s words (Deut. 18: 9-13) and told that this is against God. It was quite difficult to make him understand. Let God may change his heart.

I would like to give thanks to God for His guidance in my life to do His ministry. Also thanks to HeartCry for your support and teaching in our life. Please pray for me that I do well and may bring glory to God.

Sincerely, Sannu K.