Sorin Prodan, our Eastern European coordinator, gives an overview of May’s events:

I want to start my newsletter by saying the Mighly God is our full joy! We are becoming increasily aware of how the grace of God sustains us in times of great distress and challenges.

Massive changes are taking place in our society that put great pressure on the church! But the church has the promise of Christ that the gates of hell will not defeat it.

We thank you for your prayers, as we continued our labor on the mission field during the month of May. We had a few major events that had great impact on more ministers and churches. First, I will mention the HeartCry Conferences that took place in the first two weeks of May.  Don and Cindy Currin arrived on May 3 and we started a tour of church visiting and conferences. We first visited a church in the South of Romania, where we had to deal some issues of integrity concerning one of our missionaries. At times, we need to do this job, and that is not easy! But, we want to protect the integrity of the Gospel, and help the men who are not faithful to repent,
and be recovered.

The next day we had a church service in a Gypsy church where Don and I preached the Gospel. We visited Brother Moses Marin, the coordinator of the HeartCry Gypsy Team from Romania. Moses was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months ago. We met him, and prayed for him, asking divine deliverance from this trial. Pray for Brother Moses. He is a faithful man of God, who is now very sick, and needs God’s intervention in healing him. 

The first HeartCry conference took place in Bucharest. We had around seventy people attending the two day conference. Brother Don was the keynote speaker, and all were blessed with the four messages on apostasy. Cindy Currin also had a conference with the ladies, and the hall was again full. Bucharest is a key area for our work. We have two faithful ladies working with students, and two men planting a church. Pray for the work of God in Bucharest!

The following conference was the HeartCry Conference at Elim Conference Center. We had all the HeartCry Missionaries from Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, and Italy. We also had a couple from Hungary that we serve in their endeavor of establishing Biblical churches in their country. Our speakers were Don & Cindy Currin, and Jeremy Walker. Don presented the Doctrine of Mortification, Jeremy gave an exposition on Titus, and Cindy taught the ladies on the role of women in the Christian life and ministry. The conference was a great success, and all the people confessed how God touched their lives, and motivated them to a greater desire to live and serve

The next event of the month was a trip to Kosovo. HeartCry appointed me to go and check the possibility of a partnership with some brothers and churches from Kosovo. This is the first time that we have reached the region of Kosovo. This land was under great oppresion in the past, as in 1998 the war between Serbia and Kosovo started. Many died on both sides, and thousands of families were affected by the war. We heard sad stories of so many deaths during the war, and met young people who lost their fathers, parents, cousins, and children.

We met a dear brother, Hasan, who does a good ministry in establishing a church in the town of Malishevo, and the surrounding villages. He tries to reach out to the Kosovars, and the Albanians, and to raise disciples around him. He asked us for assistance in ministry, both in terms of logistics and support of a man who he wants to have as a co-worker in their efforts in planting churches. Pray for wisdom as we decide the course of things in the following months.

In the last week of May, we flew with the entire family in the US, to visit our family in Virginia, as we were invited for a wedding of my wife’s brother. We are thankful for a few weeks of reconnecting with the supporting churches, and the HeartCry board. It was a blessing to sit down with the HeartCry staff, and share the progress of the ministry, and the new things that take place.

Pray for us, as we continue to coordinate the HeartCry missionary families in their ministries.

Pray for our work in Brasov, to continue to reach the city for Christ. We will soon have a baptism, so pray for the three men that will be baptized.

Pray for my health, as I struggle with a few health issues. I was recently bitten by a tick, and we do not know if it carried Lyme. So, we would appreciate your prayers for safety.

Thank you for your faithful support in our ministry.

Don is serving as the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe. As an itinerant evangelist, his pulpit ministry is directed toward preaching on the inner life of the believer and the spiritual need of the lost. With HeartCry, his ministry includes organizing Bible conferences and corresponding with the HeartCry missionaries in Europe. He and his lovely wife Cindy live in Tuscumbia, AL.

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