Missionary Report June 2014

A successful mission is not always quantified in terms of conversions, baptisms, prayers, or decisions, but in the faithful work of a man who is called to proclaim the Gospel, build a community of faith, and disciple the new believers. The days of joy when people are saved, are followed by days when you see some drifting away, compromising, or disappearing from the church. The days of sweet fellowship with the brethren, could be interrupted by days of solving conflicts, and disciplining. This is the normal dynamic of a ministry. This is what I read monthly in the missionary reports that I get to my office. Here is what the Lord has worked through the HeartCry missionaries during the month of June.


The war in the East continued during June with new casualties. Numerous reports confirm that the rebels are taking over the state institutions, and more Ukrainians are forced to leave the area occupied by the pro-Russian wing. The largest Christian Evangelical University in the Ukraine, with the best Christian library in the former USSR, has been taken by the radicals. Also the evangelical churches have been taken, and are now used for war purposes. Our missionaries were able to their ministry without much trouble, as they are in located in the western part of the Ukraine. The only concern is that more and more men are being called upon by the Ukrainian Forces. If the conflict continues we might see some of our men going to war. Pray that God will bring peace.

Sandu had a good impact on some Indian students at the University of Cernauti. They are on vacation now, and have more time to visit Sandu’s family. Vitali has also had more opportunities to minister, as the villagers in Patrautii de Jos have less work until the harvest. Ilie Hlusceac has had the blessing of helping in a center for disabled persons, which he has done for years. John Gireada reports two conversions, one being a woman that was previously very much opposed to the evangelical faith. The Rusu family, which was helped by HeartCry with support for their son, is thankful to see improvement in his health. Their son has cancer, and they brought him to Romania for treatment. Things are going well, and the father is more open to the Gospel.


Both teams from Moldova had an effective time of ministering to young people, and also to children in the summer VBS camps. The team in Cahul led by Anatol Dunas had four camps where a few hundred young people and children were taught the Word of God. Gelu informed us about the graduation of the English Class in Cahul, and also about the internship class with more young men that feel the call to ministry.

The team in Anenii Noi celebrated the dedication of the new sanctuary, a hall that fits about 250-300 seats. Igor Seremet says that they had over 250 people for this event. The social ministry continued over the last month, and dozens of families received bags of food along with a message from the Word. Natasha is slowly recovering from her surgery, and has been limited in her ability to help with the work.

The Gypsy Team

Moses continues with the street ministry in Bucharest in some of the districts that have Gypsy communities. He informs us of a believer that was baptized in Bucharest and four other people that were baptized in Sintesti. Tony also had the joy of baptizing three persons. Toma Marian experienced some health problems. He was in the hospital for a few days, but has now recovered. He reports about the priests’ pressure on people in two of the towns where he ministers. Vale Marian extended the ministry through his efforts to develop two other groups in the villages of Pantelimon and Petrechioaia. He is thankful to HeartCry for the financial help to fix his car. Nae Marian held a three-week evangelistic campaign in Frumusani, where he is seeking to begin a new church plant. Every evening he had an evangelistic meeting in a tent where he preached, as did the other evangelists that were invited. What a blessing for that town!

The Campus Ministry

Alex went to visit the campus in Targoviste, but he was not permitted to visit the students on campus. However, despite that challenge, he was able to share with some students that day. Alex informs us about a man who came to Christ after he heard him preach the Gospel some time ago, who now has a house church in his town. Ruxi and Lore took advantage of the students’ break from classes, and prepared the summer camps. Ruxi was particularly thankful to the Lord for Gabriel, a student who met the Lord through their ministry, and is now very active in the student ministry in London. Bebe continues the work with planting churches, teaching in some churches about church planting, and serving along with Providence Church in Brasov.


The highlight of the month was the outreach with the whole HeartCry team in the Danube Delta. We worked in two towns for almost an entire week. We reached hundreds of people on the streets, and finished each day with a Gospel proclamation in specific places. Dozens of people came to these meetings. The missionary Florin Galateanu is considering a new church plant in the town of Sulina, which is the last town in Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea.

The team in Brasov noticed good progress with the homeless ministry, although some that were baptized have continued to struggle with their former addictions. Also, one student that was baptized in March is coming less and less to the Sunday meetings. Pray for Ovidiu!

Florin Stan is glad that Oana was baptized, after years of struggling with a lack of understanding of some key theological issues. Marian continues with the ministry in Pietroshita, where there is a new church plant started by the team in Fieni. Nicu Vulpe had a good time of personal evangelism in Pucioasa. The church there is growing. He also had Costel Gheoanca come for a teaching conference with the church.

Marian Jipa had a medical clinic this month, where over 245 people were helped in Mihaiesti, a new church plant in the county of Buzau.

Draganesti team is active with street evangelism, family visits, and children ministries in Stoienesti and Connotea. The Lord worked miraculously in Dana Serban’s life, and though she was told she would need another surgery, that surgery is no longer needed.