Dr. Andrew has been working with HeartCry since 2012 to coordinate the work in his country. For the last 2 years he has been in the U.S. working on his M.Div and will finish this spring. He is eager to return home and the need there is pulling on him strongly. However, he knows that he needs more practical experience in a local church to compliment his seminary studies before he returns home to strengthen the other pastors in his country and train up more laborers.

The first prayer need is for God to give wisdom for Dr. Andrew. He plans to stay here in the States to learn from the elders of his local church for a season, but is unsure how long he is able to give before the pressing needs at home pull him away. Please pray for grace that he would know the Lord’s will and have the strength to endure here while he and his wife’s hearts remain there. We trust God will use him mightily for years to come and pray that the Lord will continue to lay a strong foundation.

Secondly, he will be traveling back home on January 9th for two weeks to follow up on the work there and see how the churches are doing. He will also be visiting with the brothers and sisters who have been converted and follow up to see how the refugee ministry is going. The following is a detail of his travel schedule so that you can be praying for him specifically each day:

  • Monday, Jan 9, 2017 – Pray for a safe trip and opportunities to share the Gospel with the person beside me on the airplane. I will arrive late on the 10th.
  • Wednesday, Jan 11 – Time with the family. Pray for my father and his health (his cancer has metastasized from his lungs to his liver and spinal cord). Pray that I can be an encouragement for him spiritually. Pray for my mother as she is seeing her husband struggling with a terminal disease.
  • Thursday, Jan 12 – Morning meeting with Abu Munahid, the brother that I started planting churches with. Later, visiting with some Syrian refugees. Pray that I will be an encouragement for this brother and his family. Pray that God will use me to help him in leading the church and direct it to be a more biblical church. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel, and for open hearts. The main challenge in the ministry to Syrian is that they are on guard against all Christians, and mostly they are not willing to discuss religion. Please be praying for my jet lag, it usually becomes the worse in the third day of my trip.
  • Friday, Jan 13 – Day with family. Meeting with an evangelist in Jordan, then preaching from Hebrews 7 in a small group at noon EST. Hebrews 7. Pray for a word to the listeners.
  • Saturday, Jan 14 – Preaching in the morning from Matthew 13 during a breakfast prayer with some pastors. Then visiting with Boutros and Irene. That evening preaching from Matthew 2 at a home church in the capital. Pray for a word and encouragement for these pastors. Pray that the Lord will encourage and convict these brothers and sisters.
  • Sunday, Jan 15 – Preaching from Hebrews 7 in the morning and Hebrews 1 in the evening. Pray that God will touch the hearts of listeners, and a word for me.
  • January 16-17 – Gather with the whole team for a day of prayer and fasting. Pray that God will keep advancing the Gospel further and further among Arabs. I will share with the team about our future plans as we are getting ready to move back.
  • Wednesday, Jan 18 – Leaving back to the US. Pray for a safe trip!