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Danut and Lidia Opris serve in Dragonesti Olt, Romania. Danut’s passion and humility speak well to the power of the gospel both in his walk and witness for Christ. This month he provides a window of some of his gospel engagements:

I visited a number of people in their home this month. I also met several acquaintances in the park and tried to share the gospel with them. For some it was the first time I had given them the gospel. For instance, I talked to my neighbor who I see every day smoking and drinking with his pals. When I spoke with him, there were other people who heard what I shared. Some of them left when they heard me mentioned God and repentance. But one young man, who was my neighbor, had many questions and expressed dissatisfaction with God. He asked me if God was all mighty and why he didn’t make people do what he wanted them to do. He thought if God was all powerful everything would turn out well for them. So I told him that he was destroying his life by smoking and drinking alcohol and that God still didn’t force him to change. I told him that sin would eventually destroy him.

I shared my personal testimony with two people who said that they couldn’t be changed anymore because of their age. They weren’t that old, but used it as an excuse. I shared my testimony in order to show them that things which are impossible with men are possible with God. I also told them that sin makes us slaves and that there was forgiveness and change in the Lord Jesus. These two people said that we could visit them again.

I talked to another man and asked him what prevented him from repenting. He mentioned something about his problems. We couldn’t carry on our discussion because something interrupted us and I had to leave. My partner carried on the discussion with him and he intends to keep in touch with him.

A mother of one of our church members died. She was 95 years old and was a church member. The other two pastors preached at the wake and funeral. I preached at the cemetery about wasting life because men lived only for this world. I told them about Jesus who is the resurrection and the life. The gospel was preached and heard by the neighbors, relatives and acquaintances of the deceased, most of them being unsaved.