Dear HeartCry and Supporters,

First and foremost, I thank God for the past month in which I witnessed the mighty hands of God behind difficult situations in the ministry. As I look back to the previous years of our partnership, I am overwhelmed by significant progress I’ve made in my walk with God, in my family and church life and in the ministries I oversee by the power of the Holy Spirit, and of course through your supports and encouragements. Thank you very much for your commitment to supporting me for the sake of the glorious Gospel ministry I’m involved in promoting.

Updates on Special Region and HC Men

Although the church buildings in the w particular region have not been officially reopened, believers there can continue to gather in homes and conduct public worship services more freely. We thank God for the faithful ministers and believers there who continue to serve God and trust him in many trails. Rufus is advancing the Gospel among the animistic people whereas Chris continues to serve both in MK and KT regions as opportunities given while waiting for God’s answer regarding whether he has to return and serve a former congregation or the new church.

The four men are of great encouragement to the believers in the region. They are visiting the Christian families and preaching the gospel in every village in the region and strengthening believers. One of the men is making a trip to some villages near China border during Chinese New Year, which is also LH New Year. He has preached in different villages and even given a three-day Bible study in a particular church which turned out to be the first time of Gospel preaching for most of the attendees. Despite the discouraging situation in w region, the men HC helped have made Christ known to hundreds of people outside the region, while not failing to serve those in the region. It’s been only possible because of your support. We thank God for that.

Doctrinal Reformation Among Churches

The past month has seen a significant change among our local churches association of which I being one of the leaders. I was aware of those false doctrines of charismatic movement had been received by some of our churches for some years. However, it was not until during the past month that the Lord in his providential ways separated the truth from that destructive error. About one-third of our churches

‘went out from us manifesting that they were not all of us’

1 John 2:19

It was sad that many of my co-workers I believed to be true servants of Christ were among those who have

‘put away a good conscience concerning faith and have made shipwreck’

1 Tim. 1:19

Lacking spiritual discernment, they got caught by enticing words of human wisdom and accepted charismatic doctrines. The worse thing is that they didn’t only follow after those false doctrines but also caused others (i.e., their congregations) fall into the same destruction.

I was not surprised by that because the Scripture is full of warnings about false teachers and it’s happening everywhere. However, it still poses a serious challenge to us and continues to be a threat to our churches as it is so to most local churches in the world. Suffice it to say that I am thankful to the Lord for the faithful churches with us who are standing firm for the truth, including all churches and ministers in the special region. At present, my colleague and I are teaching at two churches for the next three days. I’m teaching on spiritual gifts, and I will continue to include this in my teaching and preaching schedules throughout the year. Please pray for this.

Lastly but not least, my family is doing well by the grace of God. We are celebrating our traditional new year, and our church held a worship service on the 8th last week and preached the Gospel to around a hundred visitors who came to celebrate the occasion with us. Last Sunday, I visited one of our churches with a dispute regarding church eldership and preached in the morning service, and I preached in our church in the afternoon service. I’m to visit that again to oversee the issue and appoint a pastor and set up a church committee. Please pray for the wisdom from God. Next week, I have a trip to a town near India border for an evangelical conference there with our affiliated associations. Returning from that trip, I’m scheduled to teach at some other churches of our association early next month. Please remember this in your prayers too.

Thank you very much again for your prayers and support. May God bless HeartCry and all supporters!

In Christ,

Elijah (February 2019)

Western Europe

Gospel Endeavors

Gospel Endeavors