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Relief for Saints without Food

Please pray for Christians in ‘Lucas A’s’ Muslim nation in Central Asia.  They have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 crisis.  Due to their proximity to Iran, and the large number of their citizens who returned home from that country, borders have been closed.  Food shipments are severely limited. Food is becoming scarce in the smaller towns and villages, and food prices are doubling.  Many of the saints are poor day-laborers who are now unemployed due to the lockdown and in desperate need.  

‘Lucas’ has organized local saints in the cities to help get food to the house churches in more remote regions.  Thanks to the generosity of HeartCry donors, we were able to send enough funds to feed 40 families for 2-3 weeks. 

Online Teaching – Seekers Interested and Saints Encouraged

Because of the lockdown, the house churches have not been able to gather together.  Prayer meetings and teaching are happening on electronic platforms like Facebook and Zoom.  But once again, the Lord is working this trial for the good of His church.  Some who are curious about Christianity but fearful of persecution have joined in to hear Gospel preaching. Some isolated believers who have no house church near them have also been greatly encouraged by this online ‘fellowship’ with other saints.

Arab Man

Last year ‘Lucas’ shared a glorious testimony of how the Lord used their Facebook page to lead a man to saving faith in Christ Jesus. ‘M’ wrote: 

“I was  practicing all the rituals that Muslims do – going to the Masjid and listening to Mullahs teaching, praying five times a day, and fasting. But I started doubting Islam and I started searching for the truth. After some time I got to know a Facebook page led by local Christians. 

I was following this page for six months without saying anything or contacting them with a message. One thing really touched my heart, the people were responding to this page’s posts with anger and furious abusive words, cursing the Christians who were posting. But this page never gave a single bad response, always speaking about the love of God and His blessing of salvation.

After six months of following the page, I finally sent a personal message asking questions. One person was working with me and helping me for months. Then I was really interested in Christianity because these people were really different. They helped me to understand that I am a sinner and need a Savior.

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After some months, I told him that I am living in the north of the country, and asked him to please help me to join with other believers. It was not easy to connect me with other Christians because they cannot trust immediately, but slowly he introduced me with a brother in north. He called me and we met each other and talked for several times, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior. By his grace I am saved!

This brother did teach me from the Bible and I was ready for baptism. We went to a swimming pool and I got baptized and started going to house church. God really changed my life. Every time when I pray I believe He hears my prayers. I was jobless and needed to feed my family. I and my house church prayed in the name of Jesus, asking God to provide a job. God heard our prayers and provided a job in a local company. Thank God I am working and worshiping in a home group now. I am so happy to follow Jesus Christ and every day I am seeing His love and blessing in my life.

Please continue praying for His kingdom in our country. Your prayers are answered and God is building His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

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Gospel Privileges

Gospel Privileges