City Center In Iquitos, Peru

The situation in the city of Iquitos is very complicated because the city is being devastated by a number of different illnesses. Even though the press is only focusing on COVID, the reality is that dengue is killing more people than COVID. There are two forms of dengue in Iquitos right now, dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and classic dengue fever. Both of these had already killed a number of people in Iquitos even before COVID arrived there. There is also Leptospirosis and the flu, and they are both attacking with a lot of strength.

Several pastors have already died because of these illnesses, along with a number of pastors’ wives. Many brothers and sisters are dying. The hospitals have collapsed and people are in need of basic supplies. We were able to put together some baskets of supplies to send to families in the churches that were in need. 

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The situation there is very difficult, but we are trusting completely in our God, who has control of all things. We have been sharing the Word with some of the people we know in Iquitos, encouraging them in the Lord and trusting that the Lord will give comfort through the Scriptures. Even in these times of suffering, the Lord is doing His work and people are becoming more sensitive to the Word who would otherwise not listen. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iquitos and for those who are sick there.

My father, who lives in the city of Iquitos, became sick with COVID. He was very ill for three weeks. There were several days during which he couldn’t eat anything. We are some distance away, so all we could do was exhort him to recognize his own rebellion against the Lord in which he has lived all these years apart from Christ. 

His physical situation did not look optimistic, but it was through this sickness that the Lord in His grace caused our words to persuade him to turn to Him. While he was still in the process of recovering from the illness my father recognized his need for Christ and was reconciled to the Lord. 

We prayed for him a lot, and we are thankful to the Lord because he has now almost fully recovered. For us, even greater than the joy we have over his physical recovery is the rejoicing we have because he has been reconciled to His God.