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Dear friends at HeartCry,

As you are probably aware, the 2nd wave of Covid-19 has hit India hard. It would not be an overstatement to say that the pandemic has changed our lives forever. Last year, starting from March till November 2020, we were not able to gather as churches. However, from December 2020, we had the joy of meeting again as churches. People had just begun settling into their daily routine, but unfortunately, the second wave of the pandemic has come back with a vengeance. The government imposed weekend lockdowns, which has restricted churches to not be able to gather together again.  

This time the pandemic has come to our doorstep. Some of us have gotten sick and recovered by God’s grace, while others have lost distant relatives or friends. One of our students whose dad was a pastor in a nearby town (and who was supported by HeartCry in the past) died just 2 weeks ago. We’ve lost a pastor who was a part of our fellowship. But by God’s grace, our churches have continued to hold on to the Lord in these difficult times.

Brother Roger W. had 30 to 40 people meeting faithfully and regularly before the lockdowns. He has been able to regularly teach them about the gospel, church, membership, and other basic topics. He is constantly meeting with the people in order to encourage them. This was with the goal of officially covenanting together as a church, but because of the 2nd wave, they had to stop meeting in April. Most of the attendees are from a semi-urban/ rural area, low-income background. Many of them are daily wage laborers. Many are struggling to meet their daily needs. Please continue to pray for them that they would hold fast to the faith in these difficult times.

Please continue to pray that as they grow as a fellowship, they could covenant together as a church. Please pray for Roger as he is investing in several young people, preparing them to help in ministry.

Another fellowship in the area is led by brother Tony V. He has two other elders helping him. This church is in a similar situation, as they desire to covenant together as a church, but unable to do so because of the current lockdown. They are trying to have meetings through media platforms, but many of those who attend the fellowship don’t have smartphones. Please pray for the leaders, that they will be able to continue to teach and shepherd the church in these challenging circumstances. Please pray that the church would grow in its understanding of the importance of the local church. Pray that they will be able to grow as a church and reach out to more people.

Both the pastors of these fellowships are very grateful to HC for their generous and regular support. Without this support, they would have suffered.

Please pray for the people in India. The second wave is touching almost every home. Pray that the Government would take suitable measures to control the infection and provide needed medical infrastructure and medicines. Please pray as there is a lot of fear and panic among people as the situation is really bad. Please pray that the churches would be there for the people in these desperate times. Pray for the continued bold proclamation of the gospel, and that we would encourage, pray for, support, and help those in need.