Mario 9.21 Blog Feature

Dear Prayer Partners, we wanted to update you on the urgent plea for prayer last week. Pastor Mario accompanied ‘Jay’ to face his former gang last Friday. As we informed you, the gang was demanding that either ‘Jay’ or a family member die because he left the gang.

It is no exaggeration that this is one of the most brutal gangs in the Cape Flats area. Many of them are professing Muslims, and they are involved in witchcraft. They believe that they gain power by killing someone. They have zero respect for Jesus Christ or His church. ‘Jay’ was one of 5 leaders before he heard the gospel through the open-air preaching of Mario’s church and the Lord saved him.

‘Jay’ had been out of the gang for about 6 months, and they were determined to find him to inflict their ‘justice.’ They robbed ‘Jay’s’ mother and chased his father with a knife. Those were the first 2 warnings. Next they broke into the family home and threatened ‘Jay’s’ parents and sisters at gunpoint. That was the last warning. As ‘Jay’ prepared to face the gang, he learned that they had just killed the cousin of another man that left the gang.

Mario and the church understood the severe danger that they were facing. They called a week of prayer and fasting. Even former gangsters in the church did not expect them to escape alive.

On Friday, Mario was forced to wait in the car as ‘Jay’ went in to talk to some of the gang leaders. He told them that he had met the REAL Jesus, and that Jesus had changed him. The leaders called Mario to come in and verify that what ‘Jay’ was telling them was true. As Mario tried to explain the gospel to them, the top leader entered the room. It was a terrifying moment.

The Spirit of the Lord upheld ‘Jay’ and somehow he was able to explain the gospel and how Christ had changed him. After listening, the top leader declared before the other leaders that they were ‘releasing Jay with an oath.’ He was dismissed from the gang and could never return. They swore they would not harm ‘Jay’ or his family. But they would also be watching, and if ‘Jay’s’ transformation was not genuine, they would kill him.

‘Jay’ walked out of the house and climbed into Mario’s car in a state of shock and elation. He had never seen anyone released from the gang! They quickly returned to their relieved church to celebrate the Lord’s kindness.

This is the power of our God in answer to the prayers of His people! Thank you to those who prayed with us, and please keep praying for the triumph of the Gospel in the darkness of this community.