Elis continues to labor in a small village. Recently, she was given the opportunity to boldly testify about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to Pak A. and his family in the midst of a difficult situation. Pak A. was very sick in the hospital, and when Elis spoke to him about the Gospel, his two children were there to listen as well. It was beyond her expectation, but when Pak A. heard the Gospel, God worked through His amazing grace and powerful Spirit. Even afterwards when Elis was not present with the family in the hospital, God worked in Pak A.’s heart. Before the Lord took the breath from Pak A.’s body, he prayed and pleaded for the Lord Jesus Christ to save his lost soul. Afterwards, when Elis went to pay respect, she was immediately summoned and interrogated by Pak A.’s family and three ustads/habibs (ustads are respected and influential Islamic leaders; habibs are Islamic leaders who are directly descended from Mohammed). They falsely accused Elis and held her responsible for Pak A.’s sudden death.

Please continue to remember Elis in your prayers; pray that through this most trying situation God will reveal himself and save the souls of her accusers through faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that God’s unchanging grace may strengthen, sustain, and help Elis to understand God’s wisdom as she faces hardships, hatred, and false accusations concerning Pak A.’s prayer to Christ and death. Please pray for others to whom Elis ministers, as well: two others who believed and are ready to be baptized, as well as one other who just recently professed faith in Christ.