Dear praying brothers and sisters,

It is wonderful to be back in Peru once more after nearly four months back in the UK visiting churches and family as well as attending a missionary conference, meeting up with our missionary society’s leadership, coordinating the work back in Peru and continuing with my studies. I am also thankful for the leadership team at our theological centers who have continued working in my absence. Evair Córdova has done a first class job as administrator taking care of the daily running of the centers.

Teaching in Lima and Iquitos

David Silva has had a busy month teaching a new class he has developed on the doctrine of Christ to two different groups of students in Lima. The classes were very well received and helped the students understand more clearly some of the complex issues regarding the Person and work of Christ. We are also very pleased to still be able to count on Eduardo Aricari as one of our teachers. He was on our full time staff last year but left us to pastor a church on the outskirts of Lima. This month he taught the church leaders in Iquitos on the subject of the theology and practice of evangelism.

Charles Simeon Trust Workshop

Today was the start of the Charles Simeon Trust expository preaching work ship. We are so grateful to HeartCry for coordinating this workshop which I am sure will be of such benefit to so many. Tomorrow we are expecting 64 preachers from around the country to join us for two full days studying how to preach Old Testament narrative. Today (30th June) those of us leading the small groups had a very beneficial time learning from the course leaders, Jeremy Meeks and Chris Spano, and from each other as we read the Bible together, prayed together, and shared our understanding of the biblical texts taken from 1 Samuel.

New and Improved Website

Martin Manchego, our publicity and I.T. worker has been working hard on getting a new and improved website up and running. It’s not quite there yet, but should be ready in a few days. Thank you once again for your prayerful support of our ministry.