Conference in Cusco

April was a busy month traveling around the country. The month started participating as a speaker at a pastors’ conference in Cusco. There were around 120 pastors at the conference, half from Cusco itself and half from all over the country. I was speaking on preaching and counseling, whilst two other speakers taught on dangers in the ministry and the pastor’s family. The teaching was well-received and there was a desire for our Bible institute to set up an extension centre. Please do pray as we consider this exciting possibility.

Helping a church in Tingo María

Hours after arriving back from Cusco I was on a tiny plane to the jungle town of Tingo María to help a church there. 3 years ago the church came out of the prosperity gospel and extreme charismatic beliefs. The current pastor is doing a great job in a very difficult situation. He contacted me a few months ago asking for a visit, so it was with great joy and some trepidation that I accepted. The plane landed on the grass landing strip and I was warmly received by the leaders of the church. I was taken for lunch at the church where we all ate chicken and rice wrapped in a leaf. 

Over the next 6 days, I spent the mornings with the pastor, the afternoons with the church leadership and the evenings teaching and answering hours of questions. As well as some great fellowship, I also ate some wonderful food and loved traveling all over the town on the back of a motorbike. I even got to spend a few hours in the beautiful countryside with one of the church leaders. Please do pray that this church will remain firm in the truths of the gospel and grow in knowledge and grace, as well as in number.

Teaching in Arequipa

Shortly after arriving back from the jungle I was off to Arequipa in the south of Peru. I spent the week teaching 36 students from local churches. I was also able to help one of the churches that has also only come out of the prosperity gospel movement in the last couple of years. The pastor has been studying with us for over a year now and he is doing a great job at his large church, but is finding some opposition from those who aren’t happy with the changes. Please do pray for the pastor and his church. He is a gracious, humble man, with a passion for ministry and a hunger for the Word of God. 

Charles Simeon preaching workshop

In May we co-hosted with HearCry our 3rd annual 3-day Charles Simeon preaching workshop which was attended by 80 preachers from all over the country. This time we were learning how to preach the Psalms. It was very challenging as we were given some particularly hard Psalms to preach. I was also able to preach to the pastors on the first day. The Lord graciously blessed my message, and many told me later how the Lord had spoken to them. Praise God!

New website and online classes

Our new Bible institute’s website is now up and running: If you are interested, please check it out. It has an English tab in case your Spanish isn’t up to scratch! God willing, we will soon start offering classes online for those who can’t get to one of our centers. Please pray that we might be able to reach many needy church leaders in this way. 

Thank you again for your prayers and support.