Teaching in Arequipa

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to teaching in Arequipa. Our expository preaching class taught by pastor Daniel Calle attracted 46 students which is far more than we could have hoped for. It is our prayer that the week’s teaching will have a real impact on the preaching and teaching in the evangelical churches in this city which seems to have a real thirst for the gospel and God’s Word.

Then just recently Pastor Giovanni Núñez taught on pastoral counselling. The number of students was less, but we still had close to 30 in the class which is really encouraging. In total we have taught around 70 church leaders from the city and we have every reason to believe that the numbers will continue to increase.

Teaching in Lima

Meanwhile in Lima Frank Marmolejo was teaching on early church history to around 20 students. The classes were well received, and helped the students understand how the Lord has been working through history building his church. At the same time, David Silva and Gustavo Requejo have been team-teaching on the doctrine of the church. This has been a real challenge and very stimulating as there has been a lot of interaction from students from different church backgrounds. All discussions were carried out in good spirits and there is growing fellowship between the church leaders present.

Teaching ethnic communities in the jungle

We are so thankful for another opportunity that we had to teach pastors and other church leaders from a number of ethnic communities from the jungle. I was invited to teach on the unfolding story of salvation (from Genesis to Revelation) as part of a 3-day conference in the town of Sepahua on the Urubamba river between Atalaya and Machu Picchu. I was accompanied by Evair, our administrator, and Charles, one of my home church’s assistant pastors who feels a call to missions in Peru, and specifically pastoral training.

The journey to Sepahua was quite tiring – 3 days’ travel from Lima. The first day was by car over the Andes to Pichanaqui. The second day involved 8 hours in a 4-wheel drive pick-up to Atalaya; the third day was by boat up the Urubamba river.

As well as teaching students from the Ashaninka, Matsiguenga, Gine and Arawak communites from along the river, it was a privilege to be able to participate in their evening worship services. Charles even had the opportunity to preach a gospel message in Spanish on the healing of the paralytic (Mark 2).

For me, the highlight of our time was hearing the different ethnic groups praise God in their own languages. It was just amazing to see how the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ knows no cultural boundaries.

Since returning from the jungle we have continued to receive requests from different ethnic communities from the central and northern jungle, mostly to work with Ashaninkas. Please pray that we may know the Lord’s leading in this, as it would mean a heavy use of human and economic resources. 

Thank you once again for all your support and prayers.