Dear family and friends,

As you all know, there was an ISIS terrorist attack yesterday in Barcelona, with thirteen people dead and more than one hundred injured.

The attack has not affected any of our relatives or church people, but several of them were in the area. One brother from our church was working right there, and he could see all the horror and destruction around. Some of our youth were also in a nearby restaurant, and were hiding there until the police allowed them to go home.

All in all – as it happened in Nice, London, or Berlin before – all this cruelty and madness makes us think again of how wicked the human heart is, how short life is, and how much we desire the Lord to come.

May the Lord use this nonesense to bring sense in the lives of many, and may He give us the words to bring life to those who still walk, but are dead in their sins.

Blessings, and thank you for your prayers for those of us who minister here in Barcelona.

David Barcelo