I would like to say thank you to all of the supporters of HeartCry for your prayers and financial support. We (the other church planters in Canada) could not do what we are doing without your faithful support. It truly takes the financial strain off of our shoulders, which enables us to travel around and proclaim the gospel of Christ. Please pray that the Lord would open the hearts of the lost.

A couple of months ago, Hugh Morrison (a pastor of Cape Breton NS) and myself were sent to the 9Marks international intensive program in Washington DC. I really want to thank you for this training. We had an entire week to walk through, and focus on, the doctrine of Ecclesiology- including church membership. I truly believe this training will strength the churches in our area.  

We praise the Lord that Rob Greenwood will be coming on full time with me as another preaching elder at our church. This will enable me to spend some time looking at two new areas for evangelism. Lord willing, He will open up a door to plant churches in these areas. I have a list of around 70 people who I am currently sharing the gospel with and praying for. Please pray that the Lord would save each one of them.

I am currently reading a book of Ian Murray about the Great Awakening. It has been a great encouragement to me. My soul longs to see another work of God like that one.

Thanks for all the support, and again, please pray that as we proclaim the Gospel, God would breathe on dry bones, and raise them to new life.

In Christ,

Dave Storey