Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God, we all are well. In the grace of God the weekly church services and cottage meetings are going well.

I am teaching them the word of God and encouraging them to trust in Him for eternal life. Though the church is not growing in numbers, they are growing in God’s word. I am visiting to Mr. Binday. He discontinued the church services about one month ago. So I visited him continually, and told him to remember the work of Christ for our sins and giving His life to give us eternal life. Mr. Binday didn’t give the reasons why he discontinued the fellowship, but by God’s grace he has started coming again. It is my prayer that God may lead him in His path. Thanks to God for His grace, love, and my family.

Prayer Requests: Pray for Mr. Binday that he may continue the fellowship in the coming days. Pray for those people who heard the gospel, but still they have not come to Christ. God may bring them according to His purpose.


Danny P.