This month we had a big challenge with the facility that we rent for our Sunday services at the local community center. They had rented out the second half of the room we rent to a group doing “country ballroom dancing,” with only a dividing wall in between us.

It was very disturbing with a lot of noise and people were having a hard time focusing during the sermon and during corporate prayer. We have been praying and trying to negotiate so we wouldn’t have this problem, and this past Sunday we received the news that there are too few participants at the dance so they have cancelled all of their bookings. In order to avoid any other disturbances from another group, beginning this Sunday we will start to rent the whole community center.

But still this challenge has been good for the church plant as some of us have had good talks with the people at the dance and it has been good to see how graciously people from the church have handled the situation. Pray that the Lord would open the hearts of those who were at the dances that they might believe the gospel.

As for the preaching, I’ve continued my series through the book of Luke which has been very refreshing. Another great blessing has been when I’ve had pastoral visits with some of the members and with the people that I’m discipling. Pastoral visits and discipling are areas that I’ve undervalued, not seeing its importance enough in the past. It’s so wonderful to be able to meet with people and just help them grow in their walk with the Lord. I’m amazed at how much the Lord is using just a little bit of personal time invested in a person. It’s so exciting to see when people are growing. All praise and glory be unto God!

In the past I’ve asked you to pray for the problems I’ve been having with my voice. This month I saw a throat specialist who put a camera in my throat and did a number of tests. It turned out that I have some allergies that may contribute to the problem.

But I also got a referral to a speech therapist to help me speak in a way that doesn’t strain my voice. I will also do some more tests. Please pray for the issue with the throat to be solved/improved as it affects my preaching and singing.

Pray for the preaching, that God would move upon the hearts of people and for sinners to come to repentance. Also pray that we would continue to be eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph 4:3).