Church Plant

During this month I pressed on with my series on the Gospel of Luke that I started in November. I especially enjoyed preaching through Luke 5:1-11 on discipleship.


As for Reformedia Daniel Lundgren and Ola are working on a couple of different projects. J.I. Packer’s Knowing God is being revised. The final work is being done on John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life, as well as Stephen J. Nichols’ Luther biography, Martin Luther: A guided tour of his life and thoughts.

During this month I also worked on preparing to set up a book reading learning program by extension with the help and model from HeartCry in Romania. In this program the students will carefully read about 100 pages of Christian books per month, which will be underlined, outlined and discussed on an internet forum we’ve just set up. I think this could be a great tool in forming and equipping Christian leaders in Sweden.

Upcoming Events

On the 22nd of March we as a family will be moving to a house which will enable us to host more guests and people for Bible studies, etc. On Good Friday we will have a potluck where we will be inviting friends and contacts in the community. At that time I will be preaching from Isaiah 53. In the beginning of April, Euro Evangelism will be doing a small conference in our city on the gospel and evangelism which we will help out with. In May I will be going to the States for a 9 marks international weekender.


Pray for me to have wise discernment in how to prioritize my time. Please pray for the sermon on Good Friday that the Lord would give conviction of sin and regeneration, as well as edification of His people.

Also pray for the book training program by extension that we are doing a trial version of now in March and are planning to launch in June. Pray that it would be a great tool in forming and equipping leaders.

On top of this, pray for our transitions when we move as that will be a very busy season. Please also keep praying for my voice as I’ve been having some problems for more than the past year that my throat gets sore when I preach and I frequently get a dry cough.