Church Plant

This month there was a gay pride festival in our city where we did evangelism together with believers from some other churches. We mainly did evangelism outside of events hosted by so-called Christians, who, for example, had rainbow communion services, lectures on priests coming out, lectures like “Is God Queer?,” “LGBT certifications for churches,” and a lecture by a lady who had an exhibition portraying Jesus and his disciples as drag queens.

There were strong reactions when we shared the gospel with people, but also good conversations and opportunities to share. In the conversation with those who profess to be Christians, I thought we would have a lot of discussions about how you interpret the Bible, but I was surprised to find that they have totally rejected the authority of the Word of God. They only accept what feels good to them. The gay movement here in Sweden is extremely organized and the country is falling apart very quickly, into immorality and ungodliness. Within just a few years I think it will be illegal to do evangelism at a festival like this.

Please pray for our country for a reformation back to the Bible, for churches to be reformed to the Word and many biblical churches planted.


This month the gospel tract “Are you a good person?” arrived from the printer, and the tracts are now being used in evangelism. It’s a great stepping-stone in the effort to provide materials for evangelism with the biblical gospel. We are also now working on finishing Paul Washer’s book The Gospel’s Power and Message, which we are hoping to have available by the end of September.

From the 31st of July to the 1st of August we will have a short conference in Gothenburg, which we try to do annually. The conference is called “United for the Gospel.” This year our theme will be on “The gospel in the Pentateuch, Joshua and Judges,” with one sermon emphasizing the gospel from each of the books.

At the beginning of October Greg Gilbert will be coming to Sweden, and together with him we will be doing a pastors conference to follow up on his book What is the gospel? Greg Gilbert’s book along with What is a Healthy Church by Mark Dever is being given out to 2,000 pastors and leaders in Sweden. Pray for those conferences that they would have a great impact in Sweden.


You can help us to pray that we would be able to find a house in the area where we are ministering. There are very few options coming for sale, while there is a big demand. Also pray for the Lord to raise up more elders in the church plant.