Grace and Peace! I am grateful for all your support and prayers, and I thank God for the privilege of serving Him.
It has continued to be a very warm summer here in Finland. There has only been a couple of rainy days, but it has been pretty windy (at least here in the area where we live). This prevents it from feeling as hot.

Our family (my wife Melinda and I) are still doing good, growing in knowledge and love to one another. Melinda took a Finnish exam that she needed in order to apply for a job. She has sent in her applications, so now we only have to wait and see the Lord’s will unfold.

Pray for us to be a good testimony among the relatives on my wife’s side and her unsaved friends. Those who are not believers, live in problems and evils. Pray the Lord would work in their lives. Only the Gospel of Jesus can change them.

God’s great goodness and grace has been something more tangibly on my mind lately. I am grateful for His salvation, and how He has blessed me with this marriage. This is the main area where I can grow in Christ-likeness (in loving my wife as Christ loved His bride, the Church). He has put me in a great place, both spiritually and physically. The Lord has been growing and shaping me, and I am enjoying His goodness as He teaches me to serve Him more efficiently. Daily, I am figuring out more of His will. I am also grateful for our Church and faithful pastors who shepherd the flock of our fellowship.

As the translation of the book ”Expositional Preaching” by David Helm was being finished up, I read through the layout one last time to help find typos, and other things.

Other than that, I have kept on with the usual work of translating articles, videos, and Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening entries, which we plan to publish on in the near future. In June, we published 21 posts on Evangeliecentrerat and then shared them on our Facebook page. Also posted on our Facebook page was a video testimony about Steven, and older article from Paul Washer, and a sermon from John Piper. These reached around a thousand people.

May God use all this for His own glory, for the good of His people, and the salvation of the lost.

Daniel Lundgren